Candle 4

Candle 4

What are you doing that you could be doing brighter? And why aren’t you?

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they warn us, if we burn bright / we die young / but if we live for 200 years, still / we die young

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  1. orinoco womble says:

    Can’t read the blue text on the dark background, or not nearly all of it.
    Why aren’t I so bright these days? Because I did indeed burn out. I was just thinking about why I don’t have a “vision” anymore. Perhaps because when I did have, those around me didn’t react, didn’t appreciate, and some told me I was seeing things. After a while you burn up your reserves and there’s nothing left but ash. A flame needs air to burn; if you smother it, it dies.
    Nobody fed my flame, and too many were going around with fire extinguishers.

    • The whole text reads: they warn us, if we burn bright / we die young / but even if we live 200 years, still / we die young.

      • orinoco womble says:

        Thank you. I hope to die young, even at 80. Some people are born old. My grandmother was. She had absolutely no sense of wonder; or of humour, either.

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  3. MalikTous says:

    ‘Hip today, you’ll be gone tomorrow!…
    Sally went and sold her seashells for gold!
    Hope I don’t die before I get old…’

  4. orinoco womble says:

    Patrick and MalikTous, I can really see the bear now. Because I expected to? I don’t know.

  5. That is the kind of green flame you get from burning boric acid and methanol.

    What could I be doing brighter?… well, maybe actually making things burn and explode sometimes, instead of just watching youtube videos about it. But then I might die young…