Candle 3

Candle 3

What are you drawn to that seems dangerous or wrong?

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don't just look, / but fly, / fly too close to the flame

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  1. orinoco womble says:

    So many things are positive and right, why waste your life on what’s dangerous or wrong? Squandering your energies and getting nothing back is for the very young, who think they’re immortal and will always be seventeen. Life is not a dress rehearsal, I’d rather make every day count than have it be said that my last words were, “Hold my beer–watch this!”

    • I agree this is true of many young people, but when I was young the most reckless thing I dared to do was eat sour candy until my tongue peeled. (Which, granted, is dangerous and wrong and oh-so-tempting… but not like flying into a flame.)

      I don’t think there was ever a time when I thought I was immortal. I was always aware of the possibility of dying, and concerned about my legacy. I wrote my first will when I was in college, reasoning that there was no guarantee I wouldn’t be taken early by sickness, accident or homicide.

      Old people were constantly telling me I was “too young” to think about such things, which I always found rather hypocritical when they’d been complaining about “young people thinking they’re immortal” a few minutes earlier.

      • orinoco womble says:

        Thinking you are immortal used to be a “young guy” thing, so maybe that’s why we women were more cautious. Some of us were certainly trained to be scared.
        I was used to teenagers talking about the legacy they wanted to leave behind them, how they wanted others to remember them etc….maybe because it was the 70s and there was so much fear of the bomb? Lately I have posted the question on a couple of forums and most people say they don’t have one.
        As Dr Astrov said in “Uncle Vanya”: “One hundred years from now, the people who come after us for whom our lives are showing the way–will they think kindly of us? Will they remember us with a kind word? I wish to God I could think so.”

  2. MalikTous says:

    Darn, the bear caught his nose fur on fire!