When we get to serious augmented reality, people are going to be leaving secret scratches all over the place.

↓ Transcript
she scratched up all his landscape / chest and back, the lines pink & swollen / furniture across the floor, a glacier pulling rock / then, in delicious anger, his pretentious vinyl records / a chalk note on the brick of his apartment, both claim & warning

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Discussion (4)¬

  1. Kendra says:

    so violent!

  2. orinoco womble says:

    Ugly breakup, was it, Somerled?
    Well, we all have them…past or future.
    Physically trashing his place isn’t as harmful as the spiritual revenge many exact…

  3. MalikTous says:

    ‘Ain’t nobody gonna take my place,
    Whips and chains don’t leave no trace!
    Solid Gold Brass got a plastic face!’
    (Sweet, ‘The Lies in Your Eyes’)

    Mankind’s favourite game is war, seems breakups escalate as he responds by sugaring the gas in her car, replacing her contraceptive pills with Ecstasy, and cracking her bank accounts and credit cards (part of which he uses to replace what she destroyed in his place), then has her arrested for the original crime and permanently taken out of circulation.

  4. Missy says:

    how did i miss this one? BREAK.