Are all of your new year’s resolutions equally ambitious, or is there a large gap between your biggest ever and your smallest ever?

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I used to tell us I'd carry you away / in a hot air balloon. / I guess I can't promise you a thing.

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  1. babseth says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to come out to the family. It’s actually harder than I anticipated.

  2. ritz says:

    I do not make New year’s resolutions.

    If I can do it whether it’s New year or not, why wait for New Year?

    If I can’t do it, even if I resolve to do it during or after New Year, I’d always go back to it anyway.


    I used to tell us I’d carry you away / in a hot air balloon. / I guess I can’t promise you a thing.

    Why a hot air balloon? Why not a rocket? :)

    Why can’t the persona promise the recipient a thing? Is it because he/she doesn’t want to? Or because he/she can’t?

    Sad. Something I can relate to.

    How can I promise anyone anything when I can’t even promise MYSELF anything knowing I am in a vortex i have no control over, a vortex I do not know if I can ever get out of.

    But then again…

    I can still strive to give my best, putting my heart and soul in the things that I do.

    …Even if it translates to tumbling down in a vortex that leads to uncertainty.

    I can always hope, can I not?

    Hoping still that optimism counts. :)

    More than any promise, I guess it’s what we do that counts.

  3. anonymous says:

    My resolution is to get better at the practical things that are good for my mental health. Depending how far I take this – which will hopefully be as far as possible – it will be my most ambitious resolution yet.

  4. ritz says:

    Are all of your new year’s resolutions equally ambitious, or is there a large gap between your biggest ever and your smallest ever?

    Not really a resolution since it has always been my way but i see more sense in keeping it.

    Not really ambitious because it’s so simple, but admittedly in a world of pretention where simplicity and honesty is scoffed at, the simple is touted as complex, packaged complexity lauded as simple .

    I seek to continue to talk in a language only the heart and the infinite mind can understand. That’s the only way to sift thru grains and eliminate the chaff.

    Words will echo in the hollow confines of a room. So will they in a hollow mind. And a hollow heart.

    I wish to hear the echo.

    Of the words.

    Of the valley.

    Of the mind.

    Of the heart.

    And see how it sounds like.

    For only then will I get a feel of the surface it’s bouncing on.

    It’s all on the reverb.

  5. kathryn says:

    “if you can’t have great adventures, why bother with small ones?”

    because even a small adventure is better than nothing.

    because sometimes small adventures lead to great ones.

    because sometimes the small adventures *are* the great ones and we just didn’t notice.

    because great adventures require a great deal more showers.

    [the last few vespers have been truly lovely. thank you.]

  6. tokio says:

    Who would need a hot air balloon when they could just have you? :)

  7. orinoco womble says:

    The size of the adventure is very much in the eye of the one venturing. For me, going to a new place in my own city is much more of an adventure than for others a trip to the Amazon would be. Sometimes, just making it to the supermarket and back is an odyssey.

    I don’t make resolutions. They’re too easy to unkeep. Better a revolution–a change. Change the way you do things and you won’t have to set goals. One step at a time, you get there.

    A friend of mine has started writing down in the evening the things she has acheived, big or small. Housework done, projects finished (or started), promises kept…encouragement given, life appreciated. One of her achievements was sitting down with a cup of tea and listening to an entire Bach cantata. Soul food. It gave her the spiritual energy to carry on with “more practical” things.

    Note to self: get a notebook to record those achievements…

  8. MalikTous says:

    I remember dreaming of the stars as a child of the 60s… We barely made the moon. My reality became the USA Navy submarine fleet, my choice over getting shipped to ‘Nam by the draftman. Submarines are something like starships, at least inside and in how you live on them…

    I don’t make newyear resolutions, but I do set personal goals at whatever times I see fit. I even manage to attain a few of them…

  9. Feathertop Complex says:

    A porcelain promise
    That you make to yourself,
    Pray’n you’ll never break yourself,
    Knowing everyone around you
    Is carrying their own hammer

    And crying over cracks.

    I stopped making resolutions because I tired of lying to myself. God bless those who make them, God has blessed those who don’t break them.