What is the most free you have ever felt, and was it at the same time the most crazy? The most intoxicating? If you did not edit yourself, would you seem insane?

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and yes, you were crazy, / fucked up, broken, / beautiful and amazing, / a perfect storm, / and together we were free

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  1. Jx. says:

    Once again you are in my head. I cant understand how these come and they are my head so perfectly.

    • anonymous says:

      it may creep you out when a friend picks you the exact same bouquet of flowers that you would pick for yourself on your own, until you realize that the bouquet is for everybody and each person appreciates the beauty in their own way.

  2. Chaz says:

    Is absolutely the perfect description of the first time I fell in love. You’re amazing.

  3. Rikka says:

    to me this is not romantic love but the times my twin and I shared when we actually did connect on a level beyond brother and sister. we are normally unable to stand each other for more than a few minutes but every once in a while we are able to be ourselves, truly, and become more than just siblings, we become a force until ourselves, both crazy in our own rights but also the sanest people we know. no one else will ever be able to love/hate/understand me as fully as he can and together we can always be free

  4. hannah says:

    my best friend and I are like this. We pick at each other like siblings, but when you know each other since you were five, nothing is insane, only hilarious and freeing.

  5. babseth says:

    This is the mix of all the lives I have ever lived, and their synthesis in this broken mind.
    This is also my friends, and our twisted sense of humour; why we listen to the Scissor Sisters.

  6. Tigerfire says:

    This is all the fun times with my friends I will never forget.

  7. katie says:

    i don’t think I’ve ever connected with another being who was not all of these things- beautiful, broken, fucked up, and amazing. I think most people, if you truly know them, have all four elements in them somewhere. If you find someone without, it’s simply because you haven’t found it yet.

    I think humanity, as a whole, is fucked up and broken and beautiful and that is what makes it amazing and fascinating and worthwhile. We are all drawn to brokenness and beauty.

    • orinoco womble says:

      “I think humanity, as a whole, is fucked up and broken and beautiful and that is what makes it amazing and fascinating and worthwhile. We are all drawn to brokenness and beauty.”

      Yes. Perfection is isolated and alienating. We all find “perfect” people intimidating and less-than-human. Perhaps because we are afraid that these “perfect” ones will see our cracks and brokennesses and judge us?

      I know from experience that diagnosis of mental disorder sometimes reveals more about the clinician doing the diagnosing than about the patient under diagnosis.

      The same can be said of any work of art. Interpretation is very revealing of the interpreter.

  8. Lou Wilson says:

    We remember the authentic moments in our lives because those are the moments we were fully present, not just our machinery running our lives.
    We spend our lives searching for those moments, forgetting that we can have them anytime, any place.
    Just turn off the machinery and look into another’s eyes.

  9. wamble says:

    Conundrums of moments pushing against us all, destroying and creating our perceptions, don’t fuck with it. It’s great in it’s grief and perspective as one spectator and it’s result is the scourge of own plight to be suffered with the “OPTION” to climb in or out of the hole. ~ wamble