Shadow Arms

Shadow Arms

I used the last sheet of a pad of drawing paper today. Do you have any rituals around the first or the last of anything?

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I don't know half of what I know / and I am so grateful for that.

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  1. MalikTous says:

    Did you implement the forget command to clear space in your mind, by evicting something you thought useless?

    Or is it a retention effect?

  2. babseth says:

    I always try to keep the most interestingly deformed candy for last.

  3. Tigerfire says:

    I do, but im not aware of them. I only say I do because I’m that type of person.

    As of the vesper itself, I choose it to mean that even if if we think we know things, we dont know what is behind it all, and if we did, it would ruin us.

  4. murderedbydocs says:

    oh? you think it hasn’t ruined me yet?

    you think i’m oh-so-ok with what i have?

    get all the accolades.

    give me back my life.

    some people value their soul and the soul of others more than anything else.

    and btw, if you think that anything can shock me still, that’s oh-so-funny.

    i’ve already prepared myself with the worst possibilities.

    some people i can forgive.

    some people do not know much about this whole d**n thing before they jumped into it.

    some people are just plain evil i don’t give a d**n now if i fight them tooth and nail.

    my ritual?

    first to nth offense, i keep quiet and let the person develop a conscience.

    the value of nth depends on a person’s value to me.

    once my patience nearly reaches its last leg, i try to confront the person, holding on to that belief that people are innately good inside and once they see the results of what they’ve done, they’d cling to that last chance to do some reparations.

    the last thread?

    when it’s obvious, the last shred of goodness and sanity has left the person and all that’s left is that arrogance that makes him make puppets of people.

    that makes me stay and wait for the person to go all ballistic on me so I can slam the truth right on his face.


    this is what i am when i have reached the end of my rope for one person.

    i may have such tenacity when patience and understanding’s what’s needed.

    but when i see the last of goodness in a person…

    i know how to fight.

    even till death.

    whether it be mine.

  5. Feathertop_Complex says:

    When eating candy: red pieces first, green pieces last… no particular order for the rest.

  6. orinoco womble says:

    Whenever I start a new project or study, I buy a new notebook. It gives me a feeling of starting fresh.

    Or maybe I read Harriet the Spy too much in grade school.

    You can tell when I don’t care about something because I use pages from an old notebook that didn’t get finished.