Rotor Flower
August 20th, 2013

Rotor Flower

Have you ever worked on something so much that it creeped into everything you thought about?

I have been, lately. On this: Spiri

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Short Stories and T-Shirts

I hope 2010 is off to a good start for you. Secret Vespers has changed the site layout, and has added hovertext to every episode of the comic. Now you can go back through the old posts and see what shows up when you mouse over them.

There is a new section, Stories, where I post material that has been published elsewhere:

And, there are t-shirts for sale at the Shop:

Toast for Grasshoppers

Two toast poems of mine are featured on the Montreal literary blog, Grasshopper Reads. Check them out here:

Toast is the theme to a series of poems I am writing. Over the summer, I also shot a film in which a woman eats toast for ninety minutes. It will be released in 2010 and made available for download at Secret Vespers.

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The Canvas

Let me shout out to Perspectives Magazine, which has published a short story of mine, The Canvas, in its July, 2009 issue. The magazine’s tagline is, “where inanimate objects have their say,” and my story is told by a canvas with a violent distrust of its painter.

You can find it here:

Somewhere on that page is a way to buy the magazine, and somewhere else is a way to preview it online; you can read my story and many others.

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Quiet Babylon

Let’s talk about scale! My friend, Tim Maly, writes a blog called Quiet Babylon, and in this post he discusses scale:

These Secret Vespers installments are tagged with scale, though many others could be. That crushing sense is one of the hardest sensations for me to put to words. Like love, hope, and so many other pre-verbal feelings, I find I can set it up with words or art, but that’s all I can do. The rest happens in the viewer or reader.

I get sort of dizzy, sort of light-heading, and I feel sort of outside myself when the scale of something big hits me. The traffic seen from above a major highway does this to me. The ocean, especially when stormy, does this to me. That documentary, Baraka, does this to me.

But enough about me. What has given you a crushing sense of scale?

Found Poetry

As Timothy Green puts it, “Poetry is everywhere… It happens by accident all the time.”

The idea behind his Found Poetry Project is to see what happens when you look for those accidents. Maybe a note on your power bill sounds like a haiku, or a message your drunk friend left sounds like free association. See what happens when you write them out like poems!

I found something and emailed it in. It’s called Public Retraction, and the original source should still come up if you google it.

I’ll leave you with a couple of links:

I enjoyed doing this. It didn’t take effort or inspiration or angst. It made me notice how odd and beautiful and seductive the ordinary language around me is, things I might never have thought about twice. The project is up and running, and absolutely anyone is allowed to try. I’d love to hear about the poems you find. If you like, then leave them as comments or leave links to them.

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